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Saturday, May 19

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    Progress Monitoring Student Performance:
    Education has become a field that requires teachers to manage a extremely large amount of data. Furthermore, teachers are asked to differentiate the learning opportunities for students so that each child may master a different essential outcome in the curriculum at a different time. Teachers can email their current class list to their iPad and in less than ten minutes create a spreadsheet on Numbers develop a date list with ranking fields and comment boxes for the 10-15 components that their children need to learn in an essential outcome. While this is no different than a regular computer, the game changer is in the implementation of the progress monitoring. With the iPad, teachers can now easily walk around and record the information on an ongoing basis. Have you ever watched a teacher rotate around the room to observe student work with a netbook or laptop? It is cumbersome and artificial. The focus is always in the end on the hardwar e and not the student work. There is a stop point at which they need to put the machine down and type in it. With the weight, design, and simple kinesthetic input, teachers literally can input 3-4 taps and have recorded all of the student’s information while maintaining focus and providing verbal feedback to the child. This scenario goes further with the support staff. The most challenging component for students’ behaviorally in school is the unstructured setting, specifically the lunch and recess. As a requirement of special education laws and the Response To Intervention initiatives, having authentic and accurate data streams is now paramount. Currently, teacher associates record student behaviors on paper and clipboards in the lunchroom and on the playground. Someone else (namely me the principal), records this information into our spreadsheet to monitor data performance. Why? Try bringing a laptop onto the playground. In this setting both size matters and simplicity matter. The teacher associates in my school played with the forms on Numbers for ten minutes and realized they could simply and efficiently record data in a non-cumbersome way. This will save me time as an educational leader and allow them to take ownership of the behavioral data.
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    The iPad not only fulfills a wide-range of functions in the school setting but does it in a manner we have not previously seen. The elegance and simplicity of the machine allow for short training times while providing a level of technology integration simply unmatched by any other product on the market. Who would have thought in 1983 when my parents brought home our first Apple IIe for nearly $2000 that 27 years later I would be spending $598 for a 16gb iPad with Apple Care for my child? Think of the difference in investments and ask yourself is their any real device that can compete with the iPad for students and staff currently in the market space. If so, I want to see it.
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Thursday, April 19

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