Apple Volume License

Previous to August 2010, Apple had no efficient way for schools to pay for the license for applications used on mobile devices. The Volume Purchase Program allows educational institutions to purchase multiple copies of the same app at once.
To obtain applications for our district's mobile devices, there is a protocol that we need to follow:

  • Teachers evaluate applications either by purchasing one copy for a teacher device or based on reviews from sites.
  • Teachers locate the application on the volume license store to see if the app developer has made the app available for the volume license program.
  • The number of licenses must be within the teacher's budget for purchase. If the teacher wants to buy an app, she must confirm that she has a voucher available for that amount.
  • The "Program Facilitator" can be either the teacher or the Instructional Technology Coordinator - but that individual redeems the voucher and provides the codes for downloading the applications and syncing them to the devices.
It's a confusing process, and since it's new, our district has never used the Volume Purchase Program. We are in "transition" and may need to tweek the process as we go. Find out more about the Volume Purchase Program here. Also from the Apple website. Hopefully the frequently asked questions will also help clarify this program for you as well.
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