Social Studies Apps

World Wiki: This handy app has demographic information from over 200 countries worldwide. Countries are sorted by alphabetical order, and the information is gathered from Wikipedia online, but no internet connection is required to run this app as all the data is stored on your iPod touch. Capitals, governments, flags, currencies and populations are just some of the useful things you will access with this reference app. The newest version even lets you play national anthems!

Google Earth: Who doesn't love Google Earth? Whether you use it on a SmartBoard, desktop, or on your iPod touch, you can't fail to be impressed by what you can get for free from Google. Spin the globe or navigate the planet with a swift swipe of your finger, zoom in and out by pinching, and tilt the world by tilting your iPod touch. Students love it. The iPod touch and iPhone version includes all the same hi-res images you get on the desktop version, can easily be used by both Science and Social Studies teachers, but it does need 211 mb of free space and a WiFi connection.

Constitution for iPhone or iPod Touch: Students of American history cannot fail to be impressed by this digital version of an historic document. It lets you read through all the articles and amendments in a clear and easy to read format. There are also notes from the publisher on individual entries. Why not pair this app with other important documents like the Declaration for Independence or the Geneva Convention. They are made by the same publishers, and are also free to download.

U.S. States and Capitals Lite:
Learn the 50 states and their capitals, or refresh what you learned as a kid! Bright, beautiful graphics and high-quality sound create an engaging experience for anyone of any age. The entire interface can be navigated through simple shape and sound recognition -- perfect for preschool learners!