Getting Started

Turning iPod Touch ON/OFF - iPod Touch goes to sleep all by itself but you can do a "soft" switch-off by quickly pushing the Power button on the top edge. This put it in standby mode and can be turned on with a tap of the home button. To completely power down, press and hold the button on the top edge. It will ask you to "Slide to Power off." To turn it back on, press and hold the same button.

Network Settings - In order to access the Internet, check the Wi-Fi connection in Settings.

Getting Back Home! - Click the Home button to return to the Home screen.

Passcode - Protect your iPod with a Passcode. (I learned my lesson!)

Screen Shot - Hold down the Home button and the Power button at the same time to take a screen shot of what ever is on you iPod.

Move Apps - Hold down the icon for any app on any screen and you will start to see all of the icons shake. From here, delete or move the apps even to a new page. Press the Home button to stop the shaking!

Use Search - Slide the home screen to the right to bring up the search box. Search for apps, messages, contacts, etc.

App Store on iPod
- You can get apps right from your iPod Touch. Click on the App Store icon and search by name, category or popularity. You will need to have an iTunes account to do this even though many of the apps are free.