Classroom Use and Management of iPod Touch Devices

Here are a few suggestions for using the iPod Touch in your classroom.

1. Email
2. Updates and posts to Blogs and Wikis
3. Google Docs to view and edit documents, presentations
4. "buying" stocks and tracing them
5. Tracking weather and comparing to historic weather on that day
6. Create flash cards (Tony Vincent has some great examples)
7. Review with interactive quizzes
8. SAT/ACT prep
9. Use as a remote to control video and presentations
10. Webquests
11. Create podcasts
12. Research tool
13. Personal Information Manager
14. Take notes
15. Graph functions
16. Look up words in a dictionary or thesaurus
17. Calculator
18. Run Simulations
19. Google Earth
20. With 150,000 apps currently available it can do about 10,000 more things then you can think of!

Excellent PowerPoint presentation of instructional use of ipod Touch in the classroom.

Apple Document on Classroom Management

Mario Cart for iPods

iTouches in the Classroom: Now What?

Posted on by Whizbang
This week I had the pleasure of receiving some very important shipments to me at school, namely a classroom set of iPod Touches. I was fortunate enough to receive these iTouches from a grant I had written a number of months ago. Here’s what I’ve got (so far):
I don’t have any cases for the Touches, at least not yet anyway. I’m a little concerned on whether or not they’d fit nicely in the Sync Cart.
  1. iTunes Account – Normally when setting up an iTunes account, you need a credit card to do so. Obviously, I don’t want to use my own personal credit card, nor do I really want to rely on one school account I may not have access to. I’ve heard of a way to set up an account without submitting a credit card initially and then purchasing apps solely by way of gift cards, but I also need to consider how other teachers might have access to this account.
  2. Syncing 33 iTouches – I’ve read that you can sync up to 5 iPods/iTouches on one iTunes account. I hope I’m wrong. If I’m not, this could become problematic.
  3. Classroom Guidelines – No other classroom in our school has a set of iAnything, so creating a classroom policy on how best to use these do-dads falls (happily) on my shoulders. Since iTouches are an expensive and desirable investment, I’ll need to make sure all of my T’s are crossed and my lower case j’s are dotted.
  4. Go Shopping – I know there are billions of apps out there, I know. But I want to be intentional and realistic about implementing these in my class for the rest of the year, which is – oh bye the way – only about 2 months long. So, I want to pick and choose things that will actually be useful for classroom instruction and student learning, not just play Bejeweld for 4 blocks a day.